Friday, June 22, 2012

IPv1 , v2, and v3

I always hear "What happened to IP version 5?" But we've seen the answer many times.  "Some experimental testing version".

While reading Charles Kozierok's excellent TCP/IP Guide, I found the history of why IPv4 was actually the first version of IP as in a Layer 3 on it's own.  The addressing layer was part of the original Network Control Program and then Transmission Control Program combined into a single Layer3 and 4 functionality.   TCP became Transmission Control Protocol by its 'fourth iteration'.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why hasn't networking followed Moore's Law ?

Andy Bechtolsheim's keynote at NANOG55 in Vancouver looks into what's been going on with networking versus Moore's Law:

Follow the link to his slides in PDF.  There are some fantastic graphs on:

  1. Server 10/40/100G Adoption Cycle
  2. Total Datacenter Switch Revenue by Protocol & Speed
Today's custom switch silicon support 64 10G ports on a single chip but forecast to scale by 4X in the next 3 years.  He wraps up the presentation looking into ways to alleviate the current high cost of optics slowing down 40G/100G adoption.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

IPv6 Day

Early today, major web sites enabled their DNS 'quad A' or AAAA entries.

These include,,,, and

I especially like Facebook's IPv6 address:


It looks like traffic to Google over one backbone immediately doubled... Albeit up to almost 2% of total traffic.

I'm told that unlike last year, these updates are planned to be permanent. Sure is a step in the right direction!