Friday, April 27, 2012

10Gig options within the rack

This is a roundup of my preliminary look into the current state of 10 Gigabit Ethernet cabling within a rack.  While 10GBASE-SR was the common compatibility choice, it's also one of the more expensive.  I've seen it commonly supported in devices ranging from firewalls to storage.

While a bit dated now, Lisa Huff gives a great analysis of the copper lay of the land in 10GBASE-T vs 10GBASE-CR :
        "Both SFP+ DAC and 10GBASE-T products will be needed in the long term – 10GBASE-T for inexpensive connections         and 10GBASE-CR (SFP+ DAC) for lower latency and lower power consumption."

Howard Marks gives a great update on what's happening with the previous power-hog champion, originally weighing in at 8W PER PORT :
All I Want For Christmas Is 10Gbase-T - Network Computing

..which is partially in response to the original (and convincing) attack on 10GBASE-T by the illustrious Mr. Ferro

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